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Tips to Prevent an Electrical Fire at Home

Friday, January 29, 2021
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Electrical fires are one of the most impactful and dangerous disasters to occur in your home. Fires caused by an electrical shortage or blown fuse can be a significant risk to you and your family. If you are suspecting an issue with your electrical wiring, or would like to have your home inspected, Adams Restoration is the place to go to be ahead of any kind of home disaster.


But, in order to get ahead yourself as a homeowner, there a variety of things that you can do to better prevent an electrical fire from occurring in the first place.


Unplug heat-producing appliances when not in use. From the toaster oven to an electric kettle, make sure to keep appliances that produce heat unplugged when you are not using them. This tip expands to other areas than just the kitchen, too! Household items like a clothes iron or a hair curling iron or straightener are heat-producing products that carry the same risk. Don’t forget to unplug these items from the socket so they don’t stay hot without your knowledge.


Extension cords should only be used scarcely and/or temporarily. Extension cords are great and convenient for a variety of reasons, but overpowering them can lead to a disaster you never thought would happen before. Think about each room and what kinds of cords are being used in each of them. If you need an excess amount of extension cords in any given room, you may want to think about rearranging some things to reduce your energy consumption in one area.


Never ignore signs of trouble or mishaps. There are a variety of occurrences to look out for when handling anything electrical in your home. Even when it might seem irrelevant at the time, make sure to take note and address these following occurrences as soon as possible:

  • Burn marks in-and-around a light socket, light switch or light fixture
  • An appliance, power cord or light socket feels hot to the touch
  • Burning smell or a smell of something bitter when something is plugged in
  • When sparks produce as soon as something is plugged in
  • Shocking happens regularly when plugging something in
  • Flickering of the lights, whether they’re lamps, fixtures or overhead
  • The fuse in any particular area of the home blows regularly


Check the wattage limits for lamps, lightbulbs, light fixtures, and more. Ensure that all your lamps, lightbulbs, light fixtures, and other electrical items are using the appropriate amount of wattage. Some appliances or other electrical fixtures may have certain limits of wattage that the device cannot surpass. For instance, if your lamp has a capacity of 120W, you should only buy lighting that is at the most 120W, preferably lower. This will significantly reduce your chances of causing an unwanted shortage, or even worse, a potential fire.


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