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Preventing a Dryer Vent Fire Before It Happens

Monday, April 19, 2021
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Spring has sprung and listened to the thunderstorms of summer are just around the corner, homeowners use their laundry appliances all year-round.  Most of us generally use our washing machines and clothes driers on a weekly basis.  These are super-duty machines that help carry our lives forward, but they are regularly forgotten that they need their regular maintenance too.


It might be one of the most neglected areas of our home… your clothes dryer vent!  The lint that collects in your clothes dryer collects fast, and our busy lives can often take us away from keeping up with cleaning them.  But, this is a very important task that we need to manage as this can potentially turn into a fire hazard for your home.


One of the easiest ways for an average homeowner to prevent a dryer vent fire is to clean your clothes dryer lint catcher after every laundry cycle.  If you don’t have a regular laundry cycle (like, say, once every week), or use your laundry appliances more often during the week, then set a reminder to clean the lint catcher at least once per week.  The more often you use your clothes dryer, the more it will accumulate lint; so, make sure you plan accordingly!


Besides just clearing the lint catcher, another task you can do to further clarify this area of your clothes dryer is to take a wire brush or vacuum attachment and clear out the lint that remains in the catcher.  There is less of a risk with the smaller clumps; however, these accumulate over time, and can still pose a risk.  The more often you clean the deeper areas of the dryer vent, the better.


Depending on your dryer usage, the dryer vent should be cleaned minimally twice a year. To further clean your clothes dryer vent, you will need to unplug the dryer, check the area where the dryer connects to the ventilation system, and clean any lint or dust that has accumulated even deeper than a brush or vacuum can reach.  It’s best to use a cloth to wipe away any remaining lint in the hose.  Don’t forget to go outside where the vent is connected and make sure you clean the exterior, as well.


In addition, there are other preventative measures homeowners can do to continue to keep their homes free of fire hazards.  If you are running your clothes dryer, make sure you or someone able is going to remain home.  We find that fire damage from clothes driers can occur when homeowners leave the machine running when they’re not home.  Also, never leave household chemicals or dry rags near the machine.


If you or someone in your household suspects that a fire is occurring, get everyone outside, and call 911.  If you are able to safely, disconnect the power in your home from your electric service panel to further reduce the risk of other fire hazards.


Then, make sure to call our fire cleanup experts here at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration to work with your insurance company to get your home back to pre-loss condition. 


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