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Tips for Disinfecting your Home Before the Holidays

Monday, November 1, 2021
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As the holidays approach, people all over the country are ready to see loved ones again, sharing meals and company after a long break. You may be feeling more vigilant against sickness and disease after the COVID-19 outbreak, and the prospect of a group of people from all over coming to your home may have you feeling a bit nervous about infection. We’ve got some simple tips to help you disinfect your home before, during, and after your guests’ stay.

Cleaning surfaces around the home

Before your guests arrive, wipe down and disinfect high-usage surfaces like light switches, tabletops, bathroom counters, sinks, and toilets. This will minimize the chance of germs infecting your guests. To minimize the chance that germs your guests may have brought into the house infect you, clean the same surfaces again once they leave.

Minimize contamination while guests are present

The best way to reduce surface contamination by guests is to remind everyone to regularly wash their hands, especially after using the bathroom. For COVID-19 concerns, ask that nonvaccinated guests wear a mask. If a guest is sick or starts to feel sick, allow them the comfort of their own room which will also serve to isolate their germs.

What to do if you’ve hosted a guest who was sick

Hopefully, you were able to isolate the sick guest to a room where their chance of contaminating others was lessened. If your guest has the energy to clean, provide them with the necessary solutions and tools so that they can clean up any germs they may have left on surfaces.

If your guest is too sick to clean, then you’ll need to put on a mask and gloves to do the cleaning yourself. If your guest is still there, clean around them, leave windows open and run fans (if weather permits), and use your HVAC system for increased air circulation.

Once your sick guest has left, clean every surface they could have touched with the proper solutions. If they used a bed, change and wash the sheets. If your guest tested positive for COIVD-19 during their visit or within 24 hours of their visit, follow these same steps and have yourself tested as soon as you can.

Taking care of what your sick guest used

Similar to the measures you should take when cleaning their room, you should wear a mask and gloves when handling things that your sick guest handled. Things like dishes from a meal or trash from the room they stayed in should be handled with gloves to minimize your contact with them.

How long will a room stay infected? When should you clean it?

Once your sick guest has left, or they have recovered from their illness, the amount of time you wait to clean their room affects what measures you need to take in order to stay healthy. If you need to enter their room within 24 hours of their recovery, you should wear a mask and gloves to reduce the chance of contamination from leftover germs.

If you’ve waited between 24 hours and 3 days, then you can safely clean surfaces without a mask again. Disinfection of surfaces is no longer necessary, so you can clean them regularly.

Once 3 days have passed, you can return to routine cleaning practices without the worry of infection.

Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration | Holiday preparation home cleaning

If you’re gearing up to host a group of guests over the coming holidays, let Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration make sure that your home is safe and sanitary for all. We can do complete home disinfecting from top to bottom and give you peace of mind knowing you won’t get your guests sick. Once your guests have left, if you have any concerns about germs they may have left behind, let us take care of those, too. We can entirely disinfect your home again so that you don’t have to worry about getting sick from your guests.

To learn more about our cleaning process or to book a cleaning appointment, give us a call at (586) 945-3507 or send in an online contact form.