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Caring for Your Carpet This Winter

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
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Carpeting needs careful cleaning year-round to stay looking and smelling fresh, but no season is harder on your carpet than winter. Boots will track in mud, salt, and melting snow that your carpet can trap in, resulting in unsightly, tough-to-clean stains and foul odors. If you’re looking for ways to keep your carpet as fresh as possible despite the winter elements, follow these suggestions.

Vacuum more often and more carefully

In the winter, you don’t have the benefit of fresh air from outside like you would in the summer. The result is that dust, mold spores, and other contaminants are more prevalent in your home, bringing down the air quality. These contaminants will find their way into your carpet, where they’ll stay unless thoroughly vacuumed.

Replace your HVAC air filter

This addresses the same problem as vacuuming. Your one consistent source of clean air is through your HVAC system. If your air filter is dirty, then you’ll just be replacing contaminated air with contaminated air. You should change your air filter every 3 months no matter what season it is, but during the winter you’ll notice less dust in your carpeting when you vacuum.

Invest in mats for doorways

This tip is a bit more obvious, but it’s a popular solution for a reason. The entryway mats are designed to bear the burden of mud, salt, and water so your carpets don’t have to. Plus, you can just pick up a dirty mat and throw it in the washing machine when you need to, much easier than carpet cleaning.

Don’t leave the carpet too wet after shampooing

Shampooing is an effective way to brighten your carpet and bring back a fresh smell to the room. But, if you leave too much moisture in the carpet after shampooing, then the benefits might be canceled out by the mold that can grow. Instead of a fresh smell, you could end up with a musty smell and a waste of time. It’s tough to do this by hand, the best results come from buying or renting a wet vac (shop vac).

Address stains immediately

Salt stains may be inevitable during the winter depending on how close your carpet is to the doorway. If you find a salt stain in your carpet, cleaning it sooner will give you better results than later. Cleaning a carpet salt stain is pretty simple, you’ll need a mixture of hot water and soap. Then, use a rough rag to loosen up the salt, and a dry rag to soak up the moisture from the carpet.

Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration | Professional Carpet Cleaning

Even if you’re incredibly diligent about DIY carpet cleaning over the winter, the snow, mud, and salt will likely still take a toll on your carpet’s cleanliness. Your carpet can trap the elements deep in its fibers, which is tough to reach on your own. The team at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration has the equipment to completely clean your carpeting, all the way to the roots. If you want to have a fresh carpet during the winter, your best bet is with the professionals.

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