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How to Deal with a Frozen Pipe Bursting

Saturday, January 15, 2022
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As the temperature drops and we start to prepare for a few months below freezing, it’s important to check your pipes for signs of leaking. Those living in older homes are more susceptible to freezing pipes in the winter, but it can happen in new homes, too. Even if you have your exposed pipes fully insulated, the temperature can get cold enough to burst them and cause trouble. If you find that a pipe has frozen and burst, leaking water into your home, here’s what to do.

Shut off the water immediately

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to patch up the pipe and stop the leak, so turning the water off will at least stop it from flooding into your home. You may see some drips even after you shut off the water, but it’s better than a full pour. It’s also a good idea to cut off electricity in the room or rooms that have water damage to keep yourself safe. If you live in an apartment, notify your landlord right away so they can shut off the water and electricity.

Get in touch with a plumber

The sooner you call a professional, the sooner they’ll be out to fix the problem and minimize the water damage. Depending on how much water leaked, how many pipes broke, and the location of the pipes, your costs for repair will differ. If you’ve sustained a large amount of water damage, you’ll likely need restoration, too. Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration has a 24-hour phone line open for emergencies like this, we’ll be out there right away to stop the damage and get to work on fixing it.

Get rid of as much standing water as possible

The plumber won’t show up on your doorstep immediately, so take the time while waiting to start emptying the water out of your home. You’ll need buckets, towels, and mops. If you have a wet vac, then that can be most efficient.

Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration | Water Damage Restoration

If not properly handled, a burst pipe can be a nightmare leading to lasting effects and costs. However, with the help of the experienced professionals at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration, you can fix the problem before it gets out of hand. We’ll take your call at any hour of the day or night and send someone out to stop the leak and assess the damage. Then, we can give you a quote on restoration and get work. Don’t let mold grow in your home following a burst pipe, call the professionals to keep you safe.

For help following a burst pipe or for a quote on water damage restoration, call now at (586) 945-3507 or send an online contact form with any questions.