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What to Do About Water Damage in your Home this Spring

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Springtime is the wonderful time of year when the snow melts, the sun comes back out, and flowers bloom all over. But what’s good for the flowers is not always good for your home. While those flowers are drinking up the rainfall, your home’s basement or foundation may end up doing the same. Water damage in your home can be anything from an annoyance to danger, for many reasons. If the water damage is bad enough, you’ll end up needing to restore your home to structural soundness again. Even if it doesn’t weaken your home’s structure, it can still spawn mold that is dangerous to your health. Water can also become contaminated depending on how it gets into your home, which presents another health risk.

In most cases, it’s best to call the experts at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration. We can send out a team to assess the damage and test for any health risks. We’ll clean up the mess and perform any necessary restoration work so that you can be safe in your home again.

So, if you run into water damage this spring, take these steps to keep yourself safe.

Assess the damage

It’s important to figure out where the water came from in order to know how to handle it. A flood from a rainstorm usually doesn’t present toxin dangers, but if there’s a sewer near your home it may have contaminated the water. If the water damage is from a fixture in your home, like the bathtub or sink, you should be safe from contamination. However, a flooded toilet is a definite health risk. Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration can send out a qualified inspector to check for health risks, recommend actions to take, and give you the estimated costs to send to your insurance company.

Clean up what you can

To minimize the damage from water soaking into the wood, carpeting, and other materials in your house, try to clean up what you’re able to. Rags and towels will help to mitigate some of the sitting water, but specialized tools will be needed to get rid of most of the water. Also, only try to clean up water if you are 100% sure it’s not contaminated. The health risks of cleaning contaminated water are not worth what damage you’ll be able to prevent. The best course of action for cleanup is to hire the experts at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration. We’ll send in an experienced team with the specialized tools and machines needed to clean up all of the water, no matter where it has leaked into.

Find somewhere safe to stay if needed

If the water in your home is contaminated, or there is too much of it to stay in your home safely and comfortably, you’ll need to make temporary living arrangements. If there are no friends or family members who are able to house you for the time being, then you’ll need to find a hotel or motel.

Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration | Water Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration

When those spring showers hit your home a little too hard, the experts at Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration are standing by to help you out. We’ll get an experienced team out to your home right away, at any hour of the day, and assess the damage before cleaning up and beginning restoration if you need it. Get the water cleaned up and the damage restored before it becomes a bigger problem.

To schedule an appointment for water damage cleanup and restoration, give us a call at (586) 945-3507 or send in an online contact form today!