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Can We Pick Our Own Restoration Contractor?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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It’s your home, and it’s your choice!

Disaster Has Striked!

You just walked into your home after a long day at work to find water dripping from your ceiling or your basement is flooded. A load of emotions is rolling thru your body. What do I do? Who do I call? Am I covered? 

At this point in time, it is important to take a moment to breath. After that call your insurance company to make a claim

Preferred Vendors…

After you call your insurance company they may try to recommend a prefered vendor. A preferred contractor is someone who works with and is recommended by the insurance company. These vendors are not always the best contractors but are usually on the third party administrator list that the insurance company uses. 

Although, not all preferred vendors are bad! Our company is currently on two third party administrator list and we carry a very reputable name. The best recommendation I can give is to search the companies reviews and see what other customers said and how the company responds or reacts to the reviews!

How Do I Know Who To Use?

If you are the owner of the home, you have the right to pick any contractor. Whether it is your friends company of a preferred vendor. It is your choice in who you want to perform the work. Do not let your insurance company bully you into using their contractor if your feeling uncomfortable. Deciding whether or not to pick your own contractor results back to being able to trust them in your home. I recommend finding a contractor you feel comfortable with that can deal with your emergency service and repairs

Although, disasters strike fast you must get the damaged area properly mitigated at the time of the disaster because if not later on the resulting damages will not be covered by your insurance company!