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Why Adams Does the Best Cleaning & Restoring of Furniture Upholstery

After your home and your car, furniture can often be one of the most expensive assets people will buy.  To prolong the return on investment, homeowners will need professional upholstery cleaning services to keep these assets clean and protected from excessive wear over time.  Our recommendation is to have your upholstery cleaned at least every 12 to 24 months, especially for frequently used furniture.

Since 2000, Adams has delivered superior upholstery cleanings for thousands of clients since our company’s inception.  Our trained technicians have years of skill and experience removing pet odors, improving the longevity and color of your furniture, removing stains in furniture, and helping you create a healthy home environment.  We also offer upholstery-resistant applications for spots and stains as well as specialty UV penetration and fading prevention.

Why Is Upholstery Cleaning So Important?

Keeping our furniture upholstery clean is an often-overlooked task of homeowners.  Though, considering your long-term health, leaving our furniture uncleaned can have a progressive impact.  All the same, elements that can become trapped in your carpet (dirt, dust, oils, grease, sandy soils, infectious germs, and more) can become trapped in your upholstery.

Furthermore, no matter how much you scrub or attempt to remove stains, odors, and other contaminants on your own, these elements can remain deep within the fibers of your upholstery even after you spot clean.  Along with the power of our upholstery cleaning equipment, Adams has experience in extracting and removing contaminants from deep within furniture upholstery.  This results in restoring furniture to a state compared to when you first brought it home from the store!

What Can Upholstery Cleaning Improve in Your Home?

  • Air quality

Every time you sit or lie down on your upholstery, you are releasing dust, dirt, mold spores, dead skin, bacteria, and more contaminants into your air.  All these contaminants being constantly released indoors are going to have a lasting impact on the quality of your air.

  • Odors

Odors like pet odors or food or drink spills are going to fill up the room.  Spot cleaning these areas is going to put a band-aid on a broken bone.  You need a professional upholstery cleaner to fully extract these odors and remove them from your furniture for good.  Additionally, smoke is one of the hardest contaminants to remove from virtually anything with fabric.  If you live in a home with smoking or have recently dealt with smoke in your home, you will need a deep extraction cleaning to officially remove the smoke from your upholstery.

  • Health

Speaking of contaminants in the upholstery, our health is at risk the longer we wait to get our upholstery cleaned.  If you have significant allergy issues or have conditions such as asthma, upholstery cleaning can drastically improve your health and well-being over time.

  • Appearances

Whether this is from your kids, animals, or a little bit of both, your upholstery gets a beating just from everyday use.  From accumulating pet dander to sun fading and the progressive discoloration of your upholstery, Adams has the equipment on hand to restore the appearance of your upholstery, so it appears like it was just rolled out of the store!

  • Longer lifespans

This might be the most significant improvement when you opt for regular professional upholstery cleaning.  The furniture in our home is a valuable asset, and like many of our other assets in life, we must keep them maintained.  The more we keep our furniture maintained, the longer we can keep them in our homes, and the more you get in your return on investment!

Adams Complete Cleaning & Restoration: One of Southeast Michigan’s Best Upholstery Cleaners!

In addition to cleaning homes and businesses, we also provide some of the best emergency restoration services 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Our experts have an unmatched work ethic to ensure our customers get everything they need and more.  We know you have worked a long time to acquire the furniture in your home or business, and we will work hard to help you maintain it!

Contact our team here at Adams Restoration for the best upholstery cleaning services near Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County!  Call us today at (888) 436-2260 or fill out our online contact form to get your upholstery cleaned today!